Palm Cleaning

The seeds from palm trees can be a serious nuisance and hazard, particularly on paved areas. They often attract unwanted fruit fly and bats.
The seeds as well as the dead fronds on your palms can be removed safely and efficiently to resolve this problem. Regardless of whether it’s a Cocos palm, a Bangalow palm, a Kentia or even a Phoenix palm, we can fix it.
Most importantly, we have the training and rigging equipment to clean your palms without using leg spikes which damage palm trunks permanently. 
Few other companies are capable and/or willing to prune your palms the right way and leave them healthier and looking better.
In addition, unlike other companies we will not send the material we remove from your palms to landfill. All palm waste disposed of by The Tree Fellas is recycled for organic uses within parks and gardens. 

What our clients say

"Our garden looks so good, all your work has paid off."
Edward - Redfern